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SCUBA - 3rd and Final Day!

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Soooo today was my last day of my SCUBA course... So Sad... But good too. Will was late picking me up because he had to get other people today. When he got me he had everyone else jammed in the back and had saved me the front seat though.... so sweet... One of the peeps in the back was a child. It made for super awkwardness. We basically didn't talk to eachother the entire drive in an effot not to be inappropriate in front of the poor kid. As soon as we got there he sent the kid and his mom and the other girl over to the dock and we both pretty much exploded with all the random s*** we had been holding in haha

It was a little rough out on the water. Visability was kinda crappy under there. But we finished our skills and Ben and I both got certified. Yay!

So we had another awkward drive back with the other people. Will accidentally dropped an f-bomb in front of the child when he thought a car was going to hit us. We dropped off everyone, saving the best for last of course. Then we remembered I needed to get my temp cert card so I could dive on the Big Island. So I went back to the dive shop with him to get that. We just hung out drinking while he refilled all the air tanks. Got my card. I'm certified under the name Princess Karen L Cook..... most likely PADI will change that..... We'll see......

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SCUBA Day 2!

In the Ocean!!!

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SCUBA day 2. MUCH earlier start. Will had said he would pick me up at 9:15, but I happened to look downstairs at about 8:50 and he was already standing down there outside his truck waiting for me. So I got my ass in gear, got ready and ran downstairs. Once again we had an entertaining drive. He took me to starbucks and bought me a very festive breakfast of Gingerbread cake and Christmas coffee. Since we were totally super early we just went to the marina and hung out eating and waiting for everyone else to show up. Then everyone had to do more tests.. again... Actually I had to do one too. It was super easy though and I finished before anyone else even got there. Anyway, moving along, we eventually got out on the boat and into the ocean. Ben and I got in the water and it took forever for the other girl to get in. When she finally did, she wouldn't leave the side of the boat so Will spent awhile trying to help her out and Ben and I just bobbed in the middle of the ocean for like 15 minutes. She never made it past that point and her bf, who was the 4th person in the class, went back with her. So Will, Ben and I FINALLY went into the underwater world. It was pretty sweet. We saw a lot of sea turtles, they're so huge.. Bigger than me. Saw lots of cool fish and Will pointed out tons of stuff as we swam along. Will caught an octopus and harassed me with it until I touched it. It felt so weird. We did he majority of skills from yesterday again underwater and a few new ones.

We did 2 dives in total. It was super fun, lots to see... No sharks unfortunately. When we got back to the marina I was already exhausted and just layed on the dock while the dudes loaded the tanks off the boat and into the truck.

We had an entertaining drive, as always. After I got back I went to the beach and layed (slept haha) for awhile. Definitely went to bed early.

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I Love Hawaii!

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So I started my SCUBA certification today. I was picked up at the hostel by my instructor Will. He was super cool. Within about 5 mins of meeting him we were verbally bashing each other like we had known each other forever. Which was good because I was the only pickup and it was about a 30 minute drive, which could have been awkward otherwise. So we went to the Dive Centre owner's house. I had done all my learning and tests and everything online. There were 3 other ppl in the class and they hadn't done all the work yet so I just hung out waiting for them for awhile. So we had to do some swimming tests before we could go any further. Nothing major, just swim 5 full laps of the pool then tread water for 5 minutes. Apparently I excel at this because Will decided that I was so calm in the water that I would be the only one besides him to get half a tank of air instead of a full tank. Of course this just led us to a lot of jokes about him trying to kill me.

So anyway we got the rest of the gear and the others finished some tests and stuff and then we went over a bunch of stuff and finally got to get back in the water. Which was cold by the way, especially after being in it for a couple of hours.

So we had to go over 25 skills underwater to make sure we could do them all before we would be allowed in the ocean. The other girl in the course was super nervous and struggled with a lot of them. She reeeeaallly slowed things down for us because we had to wait for her allll the time to try things over and over and over and panic and not be able to do stuff. I had to pee sooooooo bad by the end of it. 14 pounds of weights pushing on my bladder didn't help things either. By the time we got out we were all freeeeezing to death and it was just a race to see who could get out of their wetsuits fastest and get to pee first. I won. Haha

Anyway, we packed up our gear and Will and I headed back to Waikiki. When he dropped me off he got out and came around the truck to give me a huge hug and he thanked me for making the day so awesome.

So I was super tired after all that, so I tried to go to bed reasonable early. But EVERYONE at the hostel is drinking ALL the time, it's insane. So I ended up having a couple beer with people and getting to bed later than I wanted.... Oh well!

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Last Day in Van!

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Soo last night I was up super late not feeling well and also talking to a certain drunk person at home who was up super super suuuuuuuuper late. So I decided that in an effort to NOT get sick I should NOT go outside. Unless I absolutely had to.... Like say, to get to the airport. Or Tim's.

So I pretty much stayed in all day.... Was befriended by a hippie whose name I can't even remember anymore... but he told me 'you don't take a trip, a trip takes you'

Then he followed me to Tim's when I tried to escape him..... good times

Sixish hour flight and I was in Hawaii :)

Except that it was night, so I couldn't see my lovely home.... other than some Christmas lights that is......

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Capilano Park

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Soooo my last full day in Van I headed to see the Capilano Suspension Bridge. All in all it wasn't that impressive, but it was neat to see. It's 450 ft across but I had it in my head that it was 450m so I thought it was going to be a lot bigger thanit actually was. my bad... So I walked around the park for awhile and did the bridge and the cliff walk and the treetop adventure. Then I left and walked up to Cleveland Dam to take a couple of pics of the mountains. When I got back I had to start packing. And basically that was my whole day. Exciting

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Gastown, Chinatown and the Canucks!!!

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Woke up after a very eventful night. Natalie had mentioned the night before that he thought there was a mouse in our room because she had woken up to a rustling noise near the garbage can. Whe she got up there was nothing there of course. I had woken up and wondered wtf she was doing, but I just rolled over and went back to sleep. So last night I DEFINITELY woke up and hear a noise... But I didn't want to wake her up. So I got my iphone to use as a flashlight, but I couldn't see anything and as soon as the light was near where the sound had been, it stopped. A minute later it started again so I started going "ppssssssst! Natalie!!!!" trying not to scare the mouse but trying to wake her up at the same time, She started to stir and I said:There's something down there!!" Which she later told me is not a good thing to say to someone you had just woken up in the middle of the night. We had been talking about scary movies and creepy stuff for bed so she didn't know what to think.

Anyway... it was a long night.... I woke up soooo tired and we went for breakfast. Then I came back and went on kijiji in search of Canucks ticket for the game tonight. I managed to score one pretty easily. It was a $235 ticket and I got ift for $70. Win!
After I met the guy to get the ticket I took a walk around Gastown and Chinatown and took some pictures. I ended up pretty close to the arena so I took a walk by there. It was cold and rainy and I was freezing and trying really really hard not to get sick, so I decided t head back to the hostel. It was after 3 anyway and I was supposed to meet Natalie and go for dinner at 4:45 anyway.

So I took a very minor nap and tried to get warm, then we went to the Cambie for spaghetti dinner. After that I went straight to the arena because it was just super close. I was waaaay early, which has never happened to me at an NHL game before. The doors opened at 6 and I was one of the first people in our special gate. Yes my ticket was THAT good apparently.. haha... So I watched the warmup and say my first ever 1st period of an NHL game in person haha go me!

The game was unreal. Van won 4-1. They were playing Columbus. Columbus' only goal was short handed and they had a TON of shots. I think schneider made 47 saves. And a couple of Vancouver's goals were really reeeealy nice. So it was a great game. I also made friends with a random Australian guy who randomly bought me beer.... but what else is new.. After that I went back to the hostel and crawled into bed.

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Stanley Park

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Went for bfast with Natalie - the roomie, then walked to and round Stanley Park. It was a really nice day but a little cool... 7 degrees maybe. I was the only person out there without a coat and hat on. I walked about halfway around the park until I got to a point where the sea wall walk was closed. I spent the rest of the afternoon wandering through paths in the forest trying to weave my way back to the city. It was a lot of walking for one day.

I had a brief rest back in my room and then headed to the Vancouver Lookout to take more pics.

At night I went for a walk up Granville St. Then home!

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Love this City!

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I arrived in Vancouver Saturday night after a rough flight from Calgary. Westjet is still awesome though. I got to watch the Canucks game on the flight AND they gave me cookies. So we roughly landed and my bag came super quick which was great. It was one of the first bags to come along the belt. I hopped on the Skytrain. It was about a half hour to the waterfront. It was raining of course. I emerged from the underground, which seems like a strange place to emerge from the Skytrain, but oh well, and walked the block and a half or so to my hostel. It being a Saturday night and downtown there were lots of drunk people around. I checked into my hostel. My room was super small. It was a 2person dorm. A very small room with bunk beds. There was another person in there who had a LOT of stuff and it looked as though they had been there for a very long time. I really didn't feel like going out and wandering the streets at that point of the night, so I just went online and tried to get some more of my Hawaiian adventure planned.
My roomate came home pretty. The hostel is RIGHT above a bar.. Super loud, especially on the weekend and for Grey Cup type events. So we ended up just staying up talking for awhile. She's from Sweden and super nice.It was probably after 3 by the time we actually got to sleep. So I slept in pretty solid Sunday morning. Went outide and came face to face with a pack of... Saskatchewan Roughriders fans..... yup... Grey Cup day! FYI Sask was NOT in the grey cup, but after BC Lions fans, Roughrider fans were by far the most common. Went to Tims and had the worst Tim's coffee ever. Went to the mall and got an appt. at the Apple store and ran some other errands. In the evening, which is about 4pm because that's when the sun sets these days, I took a walk down by Canada Place and took some pictures, as you can see from my FB page.

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Still Calgary

Still COLD!

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===Tuesday=== Grace, Chase and I went out to eat with me and Grace's great aunt. We went to The Keg. Grilled Thai Chicken. MMMMmmmmm. So good.

===Wednesday=== I walked downtown and met Grace at her work and we went for lunch at Tim's and then random Dollar Store power shopping. Later that evening I went to Leanne's place and she made AWESOME Thai Chicken stirfry for us and her friend Carla. Who knew our little Leanne could cook! After that we had the world's greatest evening of beer pong. My weak team ( me and Leanne's roomie) lost every game but one. BUT we were the only team to substitute a raw egg for a ping pong ball. Win! haha

===Thursday=== I picked movies from Leanne's hard drive that I wanted and made the mistake of petting her cat Bruce. He propmtly turned into the most affectionate being in the entire universe. I couldn't move without him attached to me purring like, well, like a super affectionate cat.... It's difficult to walk in a strange land, hungover and not trip over a cat that insists on walking between your legs. Thursday night Grace and I hit up Eastside Mario's for nachos.

===Friday=== she took the day off and we went to Drumheller. It's where lots of dinosaur fossils have been discovered. And so the entire town basically is a cheesy dinosaur theme. There are dinosaurs everywhere and on everything. We saw the world's biggest dinosaur. Went to the Hoodoos. Walked over a suspension bridge, where I dropped a piece of my camera. Of course I fell between the slats of the bridge before I could stop it and fell into the icy river. So we scaled down the bank and Grace took off her boots and sock and went in after it. After that we went to Wayne. Supposedly a ghost town, but totally not one as there were new houses being built... Anyway, after a quick stop at Micky D's we headed back to Calgary.

===Saturday=== consisted of sleeping in late due to not sleeping the night before and then having crazy dreams (Hedley tried to kill me), running errands and seeing Leane one last time as we both wished I had a nerdy bf to solve all my tech problems.... hahah Then it was off to the airport and goodbye Calgary!

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Arrived in Calgary Friday after 2 slightly delayed flights and some awkward airplane naps. Went to the Flames / Blachawks game with Leanne, Katie, Candice, and 2 of Leanne's friends. Calgary actually won. Slept hardcore Saturday then went out for supper at Eastside Marios with Grace, Leanne and Deanna. Had another solid sleep Sunday, then Leanne came over. We watched the Babysitter's Club (haha!) while we tried unsuccessfully to unlock my iphone, then we watched BRIDESMAIDS. Soooo not as funny as I had expected. Everyone got my hopes up waaayyy too high on that one. Monday I slept in, big surprise, then spent most of the day working on my PADI eLearning course.

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